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“I don’t know if it will get better if it gets different. But it must become different if it is to become better.”

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

A warm welcome

I am pleased that you have found your way to my practice. On the following pages I would like to introduce you to my services and the practice for psychotherapy, coaching and supervision in Düsseldorf. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, your mental and physical well-being is the focus of my work.

My goal is to work with you to find concrete and sustainable solutions for difficult phases in your life and to develop and promote your resources. In doing so, I support you in a structured and goal-oriented way so that you achieve your goals within a manageable time horizon. I am happy to be able to provide help quickly since it is crucial to treat mental issues as soon as they appear.

You are welcome to contact me by phone or e-mail without obligation. I will be happy to support you during this difficult time and help you find ways to cope with your concerns.

Our services


We prefer to deal with problems and difficulties ourselves. However, we do not always manage to meet life’s challenges without crises. In such crises, the temporary choice of a professional companion is helpful and necessary.

Our therapeutic work with a focus on behavioral therapy is a therapy method recognized by all health insurance companies. We develop an individual therapeutic strategy for each patient according to the mutually agreed therapy goals. Our work is based on the most effective methods derived from the current state of research. The aim is to restore well-being, mental balance and the ability to manage your life independently and to your satisfaction.

Coaching in Düsseldorf


Problems in the professional, family or private sphere can have a strong impact on your well-being. Perhaps you are in a situation of personal upheaval, facing an important decision or suffering from conflicts with your partner, family or work colleagues. Psychological counselling helps you understand different perspectives and interconnections from a more helpful viewpoint and to develop concrete solutions.


Coaching serves your professional development and optimal performance, not only on an improvement at work. It promotes self-reflection and includes a careful analysis of your initial situation, your skills and your goals. In this way, you are guided to recognize individual strengths and abilities based on your biographical development and to make optimal use of them.

You work out concrete goals that effectively lead step by step to your personal success. Coaching is an offer for people who are in processes of change and who want to dare something new professionally or privately. Coaching is help for better self-management in the personal, professional or work-organizational area. Coaching supports you on your way to personal success!

EMDR Therapie in Düsseldorf


Supervision is a counselling concept mostly known for professionals of the health care sector who have lots of responsibility helping others and can take advantage of supervision in finding new solutions providing best medical care for their clients.

You can reflect on your work in a solution-oriented way with an experienced supervisor. The aim is to improve your personal or professional actions. Supervision offers a view from the outside on the interactions in the professional environment, serves to improve the working climate and the quality of the work itself by illuminating and considering both the personal and and relational aspects of the work or the organisation.

Couples therapy

Couples therapy and couples counselling supports you in times in which you as a couple can no longer find beneficial solutions to your conflicts alone.

Sometimes tensions arise due to professional or personal changes, sexual problems arise, and unhelpful behavior and communication patterns hinder a good solution. In couples therapy and couples´ communication counselling you will learn to better understand yourself and your partner through a variety of scientifically approved methods providing you tools to solve conflicts and achieve your individual goals as a couple.

Paartherapie in Düsseldorf

Parental coaching & counselling

Puberty, testing boundaries, family conflicts and divorces not only put a strain on children, but also often leave parents perplexed and insecure, when dealing with their children. In parent coaching and parenting counselling, we offer a neutral, unbiased space to achieve more calmness, cooperation and a carefree everyday family life.

Our team

Dr. Majda Happ

Dr. phil. Dipl.-Psych.
Majda Happ

Specialist for psychosomatic medicine & psychotherapy
Dr. Jutta Friedemann

Ricarda Lück

Licensed psychological psychotherapist
Ricarda Lück

Image coming soon

Psychological psychotherapist
Judith Beike

Jasmin Goebbels

Licensed psychological psychotherapist
Jasmin Goebbels


My fees are based on the scale of fees for psychotherapists (GOP). You can view this in full on the website of the Chamber of Psychotherapists. The costs differ depending on the difficulty, the time required and the circumstances in which the therapy is carried out for each therapy hour (50 minutes).

Private health insurances usually reimburse the costs of psychotherapy. The number of hours covered and the amount of reimbursement depends on the individual insurance contract. Therefore, please clarify the regulations regarding the assumption of costs with your health insurance company before beginning therapy.

Of course, everyone has the option of making use of my services as a self-payer. Billing is based on the current scale of charges for psychotherapists (GOP) or by individual agreement.

The costs for personal individual coaching sessions start at 190 euros per session (50 minutes). Coaching services are also subject to VAT.


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